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Subject: Male, 62 years old, Polynesian, diabetic, with liver and kidney transplants.

Wound Size: Approx. 2-3 cm. long and 1-2 cm. wide on the top of each toe.

Wound Location: All toes on the right foot.

Product Used: ASAP OTC/Armor Gel (24 ppm hydrogel wound dressing)

Wound Management Protocol: The patient’s wound was cleaned and examined by an emergency room physician. The wound was the result of hot grease being spilled onto the subject’s foot. ASAP OTC was applied topically to the wound, and it was covered with a bandage at the hospital. The ASAP OTC was then reapplied every time the bandage was changed, which averaged once per day. A bandage and ASAP OTC were still used to cover the wound until the wound fully closed around day 30. After day 30, only ASAP OTC was used on the wound.

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