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Subject: Male, 62 years old

Wound Size: Approx. 12 cm. long and 10 cm. wide.

Wound Location: Top of left hand.

Product Used: ASAP OTC/Armor Gel (24 ppm hydrogel wound dressing)

Wound Management Protocol: The wound was the result of a poorly done laser procedure for hyperpigmentation. The patient’s wound was cleaned and examined by a physician. ASAP OTC was applied topically to the wound, and it was covered with a bandage at the hospital. The ASAP OTC was then reapplied every time the bandage was changed, which averaged once per day. A bandage and ASAP OTC were still used to cover the wound until day 8. After day 8, only ASAP OTC was used on the wound, and it was applied 3-4 times per day.


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