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Assessment of orally dosed commercial silver nanoparticles on human ex
vivo platelet aggregation.

Smock KJ, Schmidt RL, Hadlock G, Stoddard G, Grainger DW, Munger MA.

Department of Pathology and ARUP Laboratories Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology, Health Sciences,
University of Utah , Salt Lake City, Utah, UT 84112 , USA.

Abstract Enhanced in vitro human and ex vivo rat platelet aggregation from direct exposure to silver

nanoparticles is previously reported. Given the increasing human use of engineered silver nanoscale
products, platelet aggregation prompted by silver nanoparticles may contribute to human
cardiovascular events. To understand how direct washed platelet exposure to silver nanoparticles
translates to ex vivo platelet aggregation, the authors conducted a placebo-controlled, single-blind,
dose-monitored, cross-over study design in 18 healthy human volunteers. After 2 weeks of daily oral
silver nanoparticle ingestion, platelet aggregation was evaluated by light transmission aggregometry
in response to collagen and ADP agonists, both at baseline and after silver nanoparticle or placebo
diluent oral dosing. Final percent aggregation (PA) and the changes in PA were determined usi ng a
paired design (i.e., active and placebo solutions). Enhanced ex vivo platelet activation was not
detectable at peak serum silver concentrations <10 pg/L. Further studies of colloidal silver
nanoparticles on human platelet activities are warranted.

Study conducted using American Biotech Labs® 10ppm and 32ppm nano silver solutions.

PMID: 23517080 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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www.ncbi.nim.nih.govpubmed/23517080 11

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