SilverSol® wasn’t just an idea that became an invention; it was our passion to improve on the demonstrated benefits of silver. We believe that Real Science Matters™ so an enormous amount of time and effort went into our research to ensure that our products helped you lead a healthy, strong and active lifestyle. Our SilverSol was sent to independent labs to make sure it was safe and effective for you, and your family. We encourage you to explore some of our research, found here, to learn why we take so much pride in what Silver Biotics® can do for your life because Real Science Matters.

  • Over 400 independent studies and test reports performed by more than 60 leading laboratories and universities, all using our SilverSol Technology®.
  • 30 safety reports and studies.
  • 3 published and FDA cleared human ingestion studies.
  • 20+ peer-reviewed and published scientific and medical journal articles.
  • Thousands of case studies on SilverSol Technology.