LOZENGES & Silver Supplement

No matter the season, maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the most important jobs for your body. We encounter millions of germs every day, many with the potential to keep us from living an active lifestyle. There has also been an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria in recent years, which means these germs can be very aggressive and difficult for the immune system to defend against. Our immune system is the body’s defense against enemy cells. Its job is to recognize and destroy foreign invaders (bad cells), while preserving healthy cells (good cells).

You’ve got to stay strong you’ve got things to do, and that’s why keeping your immune systems strong is a top priority. Silver Biotics® Trace Element Silver Supplement and Silver Lozenges are the perfect, way to support your Immune System. Silver Biotics Trace Element Silver Supplement and Silver Lozenges contain powerful SilverSol Technology® to give your body a boost, so that it can do its job keeping you strong and healthy for all your daily adventures.


Our daily lives are filled with uh-oh moments that can slow us down and prevent us from enjoying activities that matter most. Armor Gel™ can be used on minor cuts, burns, lacerations, abrasions and skin irritations. Armor Gel is a triple threat that uses the strength of our patented silver technology to effectively kill bacteria, fungus and yeast. Armor Gel won’t stain, stick, sting or burn – so no need to chase the kids down to apply it.  Armor Gel wound care also provides a protective layer of armor; giving you peace of mind, knowing you’ve given your family the best protection – so that you can all keep going strong.


Your skin is an important component in protecting your body, and let’s face it – we all want healthy looking skin. Silver Biotics® carefully formulated our products to work triple duty by beautifying and protecting, while promoting healing. Our fast absorbing skin care products use SilverSol Technology® to naturally promote healing, leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing.

ORAL CARE - Tooth Gel

Many toothpastes use dangerous chemicals and abrasives to clean your teeth. Silver Biotics® Tooth Gel uses the strength of our powerful SilverSol Technology® to leave your teeth feeling clean, without the use of harsh chemicals. We use therapeutic grade peppermint oil to give it a mild mint flavor that even the kids approve of. Made with natural and organic Ingredients that promote healthy teeth and gums. You won’t find Triclosan, Glycerin, Fluoride, Parabens or SLS in Silver Biotics Tooth Gel, making it safe for the whole family to use. Independent clinical trials showed significant results in as little as 1 week. Even your dentist will ask what you’re doing differently.